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Educate Yourself:  Lens Implant Options

Crystalens accomodative lens implant with flexible hinges

The facts

Lens Implants are a crucial part of modern cataract surgery.  There are several lens implant options:


You can choose the traditional type of lens implant that has given excellent vision to many people over many years.  These lens implants have a limited range of vision, and most people who choose a traditional lens implant will frequently wear glasses.  This type of lens is covered by your health insurance. 


You can choose a high tech type of lens implant such as the Crystalens, the Trulign or a toric lens. These lenses are newer and have very sophisticated optics.  They are much more likely to give a greater range and quality of vision, significantly reducing the reliance on glasses after surgery.  This type of lens is not covered by your health insurance so that you will have additional out-of-pocket costs.

EnVista standard lens implant 

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