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The facts

Laser Cataract Surgery is a new technology that uses a femtosecond laser to complete several crucial steps of cataract surgery.  These steps were previously performed manually by your surgeon.  The laser adds a level of precision that cannot be duplicated by manual surgery.  Most experienced surgeons are confident in their manual surgical skills but also feel that the laser adds to the precision and safety of your surgery.  The added precision comes primarily from the OCT imaging that is built into laser-assisted surgery. 


In addition, the laser is capable of making invisible microscopic incisions in the cornea that correct astigmatism.  This treatment can significantly reduce your dependence on glasses after your surgery. The laser can also painlessly create the microscopic corneal incisions into the eye that are required for your surgery. Even some of the most delicate and critical surgical steps inside the eye are performed painlessly by the laser.


The laser portion of cataract surgery is not covered by your health insurance so that you will have additional out-of-pocket costs.  However, rest assured that your insurance will pay the same amount for your surgery, whether or not you choose to add laser to your cataract procedure.


The femtosecond laser is probably the start of the next major advance in cataract surgery.

Laser Cataract Surgery

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